Groom and De-fluff - Cats normally moult twice a year at the change of seasons. Indoor cats may moult all year round. Cats are notoriously good groomers, but the excess fur in long and short haired cats can be deposited all over the house, furnishings and clothes. It may also cause problems with excess hairballs, gagging and little throw ups around the house.

A de-fluff groom & advice on how to keep their coat in hand.

£25 - £30


De-matt - Unfortunately, with long haired, elderly or cats with health issues, self-grooming may not be enough and knots and matts may appear. Matts are uncomfortable at best. They can cause your cat pain and restrict movement and in severe cases end in death. The sooner they are sorted, the better for them and your pocket.

£30 - £45

Lion Trim

Lion Trim


Teddy Trim

Teddy Trim



Armpit/Groin & Sanitary Trim - Normally included in a de-matt if needed

Cat Bath

Bath and Dry - On occasion a cat may be smelly and dirty and need a bath. If a cat is not used to it, don't expect them to lie back and enjoy as its not natural for them. I will be as gentle as possible and get the job done with as little stress as humanly possible. It's not actually the getting wet that they don't like, its more the noise of water and the blower. Their hearing is their most sensitive sense.

£20 (extra on a groom)

Dry Bath

Dry bath - A freshen up with a dry shampoo, eyes and ear clean. Can be added to a groom.


Nail Trim

Nail Trimming - Mainly for indoor, older or less active cats. Apart from damaging furniture, long nails can catch and rip, causing pain. When nails get too long, they curve round piercing the pay pad causing pain, bleeding and infection.



Kitten Groom - Up to one year old. Groom over and advice. Getting your kitten used to being groomed makes life a lot easier as they get older. Grooming is also a good way to bond with your kitten for a stronger, closer relationship.