About Me

Having been made redundant from my account's role due to Covid-19, I spent a lot of time re-evaluating my life and what I want to do with the rest of it.

Accounts was work for an income, but my passion was in helping out with cat charities and making a difference to their lives where possible. So it seemed natural to find something that I could do that's called work, but making a difference to the quality of feline life. I have owned cats all my life and groomed my own cats for years. Yes, I am that crazy cat lady with 8 cats (accidentally on purpose)

As soon as allowed, I attended grooming school and also spent time with a fellow cat grooming friend in Swindon to gain more experience. This is a skill that I will never feel "Fully qualified" as I am learning more every day with each and every feline character I meet. I have completed a first aid course and learning about the Trust Technique, Whole energy body balance (massage), Animal communication and meditation with animals. This year I have booked to learn Reiki as I have seen the benefits of meditation with animals and want to look deeper into helping them with anxieties so that I can help them not only physically, but mentally too.